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Complete Coaching 

A Huge thank you to the following individuals for being a part of AYSO during my 10 years with the organization!pe y

John & Diane Armstrong, Gwen & Roland Miner, Jerry & Amy Manning, Sarah Puskarenko, Greg Eisenhut, Ray Pitcher,Shane Badger, Tim & Norma Swarthout, Kit Hutchinson, Bill Bailey, Bruce Broat, Kim & Rob Traut, Melissa & Jon Burns, Derek & Holly Day and I could go on and on. Because of you the kids of your communities have opportunities and my kids made lots of friends along the way.

A special thank you to Don Dodson for keeping 3G pointed in the right direction and doing just about everything there is to do!

At the end of the July 2015 Ray Pitcher will be stepping down as Area 3G Referee Administrator. Ray will be missed in so many ways, but his contribution to the Area will be felt for years to come. I share with you a letter written by former Area 3G Director Greg Eisenhut that was sent to me and shared with the national office. Please take the time to drop Ray a note and thank him for everything he has done for the children of our communities. Thank you Ray!

"On July 31, 2015, Area 3-G of the American Youth Soccer Organization will lose one very dedicated, almost irreplaceable volunteer as Raymond Pitcher has announced his stepping down. As Area Director from around 2000 through 2012, I cannot remember the date I made the fortuitous decision to ask Mr. Pitcher to be Area Referee Administrator.  I am sure it is close to or more than 10 of those years. Ray has been and will continue to be one of my most tried, true, trusted friends even in my retirement from AYSO management.  Of the many people who served Area 3-G through those years, I had immense confidence in his reputation as a man of action. Organized, efficient and effective from referee instruction to a myriad of area issues to a dependable recruiter for the largest high school all-senior games in New York State for any sport, Mr. Pitcher was a major team player as AYSO grew to the largest youth organization in our six-plus counties. Ray’s multitude of contributions made AYSO more professional particularly in recruitment and training of volunteer youth referees.  Both he and I know well the difference between being paid as a referee and being called to donate our time, thereby subtracting time available for our own families or household responsibilities. 

I hope the adjustment to family, particularly grandchildren, will be rewarding for Ray.   As a New York teacher, he has had the luxury of affecting the lives of so many young people both in the classroom and out on the pitch.  I wish him the very best in being a grandfather and perhaps producing another couple of referees out of his own family!

Ray Pitcher was indeed part of an inner circle of leadership which carried our beautiful sport into the lives of thousands of children over certainly more than 20 years counting his involvement in Ilion AYSO.

He was instrumental in building AYSO into the largest youth sports organization in our central Mohawk Valley and points north and south.  Hopefully that imprint will be engraved upon those communities for years to come.

Again, to my long-time colleague gained through soccer, “You are an amazing ‘one in a million.’  I am very, very lucky to count you as a most respected friend.  Thank you for your time and talents.”

From past 3-G Area Director, Gregory Eisenhut

AYSO Area 3G